ESL Teaching Jobs in China

ESL Teaching Jobs in China
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Company: Henan jahns Culture Communication Co.,
Address and contact:
Chinese Address: Science and technology of the National University of Henan Province, No. 289 West Sanhuan, Zhengzhou, Henan
Park 11 building 908
Tel: 15136253386
The United States Office Address: 15752 Main Street Town Creek AL
Tel: (+1) 256- - 606-.. - 7979
The company's business: Chinese and American students' cultural exchange program planning, foreign teachers' information clothes
The predecessor of the company is a foreign teacher's recommendation studio in the United States. First, the studio
Co - operating with a number of American universities and human resources institutions to help.
Some American graduates and teachers who want to go to work abroad have recommended work in China.
A number of universities and training institutions have established a cooperative relationship and successfully recommend foreign teachers. With the industry
To expand our April 2015 registered in Henan Zhengzhou Henan Jahn Cultural Biography
Sowing Co., Ltd. While providing foreign information services, we provide both China and the United States at the same time
Exchange students to other countries cultural exchange activities.            

The feature of our recruitment team: our team is from the American Chinese and has been in the country.
University of one of the most foreign teachers (150 foreign teachers in a permanent way) foreign ministry recruitment department
The recruiter of the door, as well as the American staff who have had teaching experience in China
A recruiting team of foreign teachers.       

The idea of the company: we do not recommend foreigners to come to China as teachers, and we recommend it.
Foreign teachers from the industry come to China to teach.       


For schools: Based on the educational background of foreign teachers, the work experience is preliminary to the school
Screening high quality foreign teachers. Most of the foreign teachers we recommend are with education
Related bachelor, master, doctor, and TESOL certificate and related teaching classics

Check. The success rate of the interview is greatly increased.      


For foreign teachers: from work address, treatment, working time, school teaching idea
In order to ensure the quality of work and life of foreign teachers in China, we should strictly screen the receiving units of foreign teachers.       


Representative of cooperative institutions: Guangdong Biguiyuan education group, excitation step headquarters, EF
Headquarters in Shanghai, Wiebe, Shenzhen international school, Guangzhou international school,
Wuxi international school, etc.


Shanghai, China
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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